Het zwarte kleurenboek

How does yellow taste? What does green smell of? What does red feel like? Thomas does not see colours, but hears them, feels them, smells them and tastes them. Although blind, Thomas can describe the colours of the rainbow better than anyone else.
Het zwarte kleurenboek [The black book of colours] is… black. Completely. It is up to the reader to imagine the colours, to taste them, to smell them, to feel them. The poetic text is accompanied by black illustrations in high relief on a dark paper. The text was translated into braille, and there is a complete brail alphabet at the back. Thomas talks about his love of colour in Het zwarte kleurenboek and challenges us to perceive the world in an entirely different way from usual. It is an enriching experience for young and old.
This extraordinary print book received the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Award (New Horizon, 2007) and was acclaimed one of the best children’s books by The New York Times. Het zwarte kleurenboek has appeared in more than ten languages, and now finally in Dutch.

‘...a graphically sophisticated book...breathtaking in simplicity, bold in impact.’
October 2015
32 pp.
17 x 28 cm