The Brussels of Horta


In 2023, Brussels, and by extension the whole country, celebrates the year of art nouveau. And who better represents this revolutionary style in than the famous architect Victor Horta? This useful guide takes you along his many creations in Brussels, from public buildings to private homes and monuments, all built in art nouveau style.


Born in Ghent in 1861, Victor Horta was a pioneer with his architecture: think of the typical decorative forms, the experimental layout of the interiors around the central light shaft, the level differences, unusual fenestration, staircases and winter gardens. Also consider all the metal and glass, which would become important components for construction from then on. Horta brought in the light and created an unprecedented sense of space in the townhouses of his time. In doing so, he ushered in a completely new architectural era.


This practical guide covers Horta's buildings in chronological order showcasing the architect's stylistic evolution, from the still classic House Matyn to the houses Solvay, Van Eetvelde, Tassel or the Palace of Fine Arts. The book is not only a hands-on directory with a handy bookmark and map, but also contains fascinating box texts that delve deeper into selected themes.


A must for your Horta stroll around Brussels.

April 2023
144 pp.
24 x 17 cm
Softcover, with flaps
0,7 kg

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