Magritte in 400 images

Magritte in 400 images offers a selection of the most iconic paintings by René Magritte, along with a multitude of lesser-known jewels from his expansive oeuvre. The novel choice of works will surprise and delight readers as they continue to uncover ever more facets of the master Surrealist, from his unique gouaches to his painted bottles.

Spanning seven chapters, this book brings together the myriad aspects of Magritte’s pictorial vision. Beginning with his first forays into abstract painting in the 1920s, navigating his search for solace in his Sunlit Period, as well as his brittle ‘Vache’ Period, before finally moving on to his Surrealist masterpieces of the 1950s and 1960s, it gently guides the reader through Magritte’s world.
440 pp.
19 x 15 cm
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