Pieter Vermeersch – Variations

Pieter Vermeersch (Belgium, 1973) is well-known for his gradual wall paintings that create powerful visual experiences. Vermeersch combines painting with architecture and works on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, marble and photographs. Beyond the traditional borders of the canvas, his investigations result in large-scale spatial interventions that manipulate the space. Time, colour and space are the building blocks of his oeuvre: these concepts lie at the foundation of his gradual murals and architectural interventions. Variations presents a complete survey of Vermeersch’s work, from the beginning of his career until his recent solo exhibition at M – Museum Leuven (March 15–August 11, 2019), and includes a broad selection of painted works (canvases, stones, photographs, walls), installations and sketches. Each signature of the book is dedicated to a particular work or aspect of Vermeersch's oeuvre. There will be seven different cover versions of the book, each printed in a different colour variation defined by the artist. Beautifully designed by the Dutch design studio Mevis & van Deursen, edited by Moritz Küng and with texts by François Piron, Kersten Geers and Dieter Roelstraete.
272 pp.
27,5 x 20,3 cm

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